Student Life

Life At BMIS

Life at BMIS is about giving your child the best you visualize as a parent. From a strong academic foundation to the development of your child’s physical, spiritual and emotional personality. The BMIS is on the path of holistic development in its true sense. Our academic excellence is an open testimonial one can refer to. We understand that after home, the single biggest influence is the institution that you choose for your child’s learning, making it all the more crucial for you to take this decision with great care.

The BMIS believes there is more for life than academic success and learning is a lifelong process that occurs both in and out of the classroom. We actively uphold a balanced approach for education, to develop our students who can excel both inside and outside the classroom.

We prepare students for the new and emerging challenges of the 21st century. Life at BMIS includes just about everything that one can do during his/her years here as a student from academics to sports or drama to travel. Each child is encouraged to take part in all co-curricular activities, enabling him /her to spread his/her wings wider. We offer a diverse range of activities, from experimental learning programmes to numerous athletics endeavors, arts experiences, and student activities and clubs.

Major domains of talent development laid by the BLUEMOON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (BMIS) are:

Intellectual abilities

  • Encompassing the areas of language, mathematics and science, intellectual ability development including reading, writing and oral communication, traditional and applied mathematics, space programmes, robotics, inventions, forensic skills and other inspiring learning projects.

Creative abilities

  • Covering confidence building and mind-expanding project areas such as Indian and world vocal and instrumental music, dance, drama, photography, painting and sculpture.

Physical and Mental abilities

  • Offering a variety of physical and mental activities for a healthy young mind and body including yoga, athletics, team sports, adventure sports and chess.

Social abilities

  • To enable each child to improve his interactions with classmates, teachers and parents, there are various projects which deal with concepts such as development of leadership qualities, problem solving abilities and interpersonal communication.

We also encourage students from an early age to take up responsibility for their community. In school, students contribute in decision-making through student councils. Activities involving the wider community generally focus on developing a sense of responsibility for the common good.

It’s not whether you get knocked down; its whether you get up. -------- Vince Lombardi..

At Bluemoon International School Vadodara, one of the best English Medium School in Gujarat, this line of thought is instilled in the young minds of Bluemoon to enable them to understand the importance of taking success and failure in their stride and to never give up.

At Bluemoon International School, we don’t want students to merely be ‘bookworms’! Along with academics we also emphasize on regular sports with an aim of holistic development of the child. We at Bluemoon International School Palej deem that the students’ physical fitness which will in turn augment their intellectual fitness is also EQUALLY important to us!! Keeping in mind that sports and games are the ways of enhancing the children’s mental and physical growth, sports is taken seriously at Bluemoon International School... From Class 5 onwards, we have DAILY Sports Sessions, which include skills training, exercises and team building.

At Bluemoon International School Palej, we firmly believe that sports helps in character building and provides the students with the necessary energy and strength and also enhances community representation, fitness, academics, teamwork and co-operation, social relationships, leadership skills, time management and success mindset. The recreational activities eliminate the unhealthy habits of the students. When the students are physically fir, they will achieve more academically. Sports develop a sense of friendliness among the students and develop their team spirit. It also helps the students to develop the mental and physical toughness. Sports shape their body and make it strong and active. Sports also improve their blood circulation and their physical well-being. We also believe that education is incomplete without sports. Nowadays sports are the integral part of education.

To achieve the goal of good health, well being and development of good future citizens. Bluemoon International School Palej lays a lot of emphasis on sports, making it one of the best English medium schools in Gujarat. Our professionally trained coaches hone our student’s skills. Our students also participate in various inter-school competitions and also at the State and National levels, our coaches give the students the requisite extra training. The sports offered include basketball, volleyball, football, handball, judo, badminton and table tennis.

-------------– A necessity to get refreshed

“All work and no play’ is a long forgotten adage for us at Bluemoon.... Along with the serious academics, the students are involved in structured Activity Sessions. A wide choice is offered from Drama, Dance, Tabla, Drums, Keyboard, Vocals, Public Speaking and Guitar to them. These sessions are conducted by Qualified Professionals. Students participate in Inter School Competitions based on their areas of competence with the extra requisite coaching provided in-house by the educators. The Activity Sessions at Bluemoon, help students to relax their mind after the regular and structured academic sessions. That leads to a day fulfilment.

Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced. – Leo Tolstoy

As a part of the Activity Sessions, students can also opt for Needle Work, Drawing & Painting. It relaxes their mind and body as they transmit their feelings that they have experienced. Their creations speak a ton of the brilliant work that they do.


Students of Bluemoon, from classes 1 to 10 attend an annual Nature camp. Two to three days of pure adrenalin driven adventure is provided to children. Staying in tents, eating camp food, singing around a bonfire and learning from nature. They spend time with educators and friends in the lap of nature and learn to co-exist in a community. They learn to be environmentally sensitive and appreciate the importance of team work.

Night Outs

Sleepover at School!! Students look forward to a leisurely time with friends and educators when they stay over in the school premises for their night out once a year. It is a day general merriment and also contributing to the kitchen in a small way by cutting vegetables or serving food.

To ensure that education does not end at the classroom door, Bluemoon takes all students on at least four Field Trips every year. Thus from Nursery to Class 10, students have visited various places of academic, culture or intellectual interest in their school life. The visit add a new, real- life dimension to the textbook curriculum. Learning bank interest rates in a Math Classroom can never be as interesting as actually visiting a bank and watching its functioning, isn’t it?

Students gain a unique experience of kitchen gardening at the sprawling lush green premises of our school. All the students sow seeds or plant saplings nurture it until they are full-grown and occasionally take home the fresh fruits and vegetables. We at Bluemoon, believe in giving back to Mother Nature as much as we can and try and inculcate this value in our students through various such activities.

The school has an in-house Psychologist to counsel and guide students, parents and teachers, give professional inputs to address issues, give a holistic understanding of student progression, answer queries; and support the learning environment and the school community.

The Education Needs of four types of students are addressed by the school counsellor:

Students facing learning challenges
Students who require additional support, due to extraordinary talent in a subject or extra-curricular area
Students facing behavioural challenges
Students with Special needs

The School counsellor provides Learning Support for students who face barriers to learning and who require special support to participate in the school’s programs.

She carries out classroom observation and discusses any further details if necessary with teachers and parents.

The class teachers conduct home visits every academic year in order to collect data, and observe the child’s natural environment and family dynamics with a view to understand its impact on the child. If required, the school counsellor also makes the home visit with the class teacher.

Vibrant colors, paint brushes, canvas, drawing books, marble paper, kite paper, crepe paper, velvet paper, quilling strips, chart paper, glue, a pair of scissors, origami – all these affect the mood of the child and also helps to enhance the tactile stimulation. Be it a Pre Schooler or a student from the senior School, the assortment of art and craft based activities enhances the student’s mood. The proficient guidance of the Art and Craft educators helps to tap the student’s artistic expertise in an unsurpassed way.