About Us

Our School

The Bluemoon International School founding has been to strive to provide excellent instruction, programs, and facilities for children of Indian and international parents on expatriate assignments in country. The Bluemoon International School is affiliated with CBSE upto Secondary Level and the Affiliation No.: 430379 & School Code: 10361. Our founding ideals are based on developing within our students a deep and meaningful awareness and understanding of culture and the diversity of cultures around the world; to embrace India so that our context within which we all live here in historical, social, and cultural context within which we all live here in historical place; and to serve as a demonstration center of latest educational methods and practices. BMIS is an international learning community with English as the language of instruction. Consistent with our commitment to diversity, we offer strong English Language Learner (ELL) programs to students in grades 1-10. The class-wise student count is Playgroup - 6 students; Lower KG - 19 students; Upper KG - 17 students; Grade 1 - 17 students, Grade 2 - 20 students; Grade 3 - 20 students; Grade 4 - 21 students; Grade 5 - 18 students; Grade 6 - 11 students; Grade 7 - 14 students; Grade 8 - 11 students; Grade 9 - 23 students; Grade 10 - 3 students.
We offer a rigorous curriculum based on Indian academic standards and instructional practices in country. We are committed to preparing students for their future – their next grade, their next school, for college or university, and for the challenges of the 21st century. Students in BMIS benefit from a Bring – Your – Own – Technology (BYOT) program; this technology could be an iPad or laptop depending on the age of the student. The school provides a safe and spacious learning environment where students are empowered to nurture their love of learning and thrive on challenges. At BMIS, we cultivate the values of mutual respect, personal responsibility, equality, and compassion. We seek to emphasize the development of student’s creativity, critical thinking, and collaborative skills. We embrace the notion that each student learns differently and we strive to engage the wide range of learning styles that pass through our gates and fill our classrooms every day. At BMIS, we provide a healthy well – balanced lifestyle with a diversified academic program and a wide range of co – curricular opportunities through our athletics. Likewise, we believe that students learn by doing and that community engagements offer opportunities to make unique learning connections and to support local civic endeavors.

Strategic Plan, 2018 - 2019

The Strategic Plan is a shared vision of the future for the BLUEMOON INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. Created by more than five BMIS community members during the 2016 – 17, the plan drives school improvement efforts at the highest levels. Since then, the Board of Directors, the community based Strategic Planning Team, and the Leadership Teams at the school have been turning aspirations into reality through meaningful and effective implementation and innovation. The main aim is to provide students with all modern amenities namely, classrooms that are air conditioned and equipped with latest IT Gadgets with constant power supply. A COMPUTER LAB which ensures that each child is not only well conversant with hardware and software aspects but is also able to utilize the vast resources of the internet as an educational tool independently. LABORATORIES - modern in style and content, well stocked with equipment, instruments and data offering a rich experimental atmosphere. A LIBRARY equipped with more than 4500 books covering various subjects. It also subscribes daily newspapers and magazines related to Sports and Games, General Awareness and Teaching. An ART ROOM where the imagination and creativity of every child is nurtured, motivated and supported.

Our Mission

Mission Statement by MR. IDRISH MEMAN “Together we inspire a love of learning, empowering all students with the courage, confidence, creativity and compassion to make their unique contribution in a diverse and dynamic world.” We Believe that.... Each person has equal intrinsic value, worthy of dignity and respect. We are responsible for our choices and their effect on ourselves, others and the environment. Being open to new ideas and challenging experiences enriches our lives. Mutual respect, trust and caring foster healthy interpersonal relationships. Embracing our diversity makes us a stronger community. In an interconnected world, our positive contributions to the community and the environment are essential. Individuals thrive in a nurturing environment that provides for their physical and emotional safety.